Get Your Hands On Popular Instagram Filters by Following AR Creator: nahir.esper

Instagram Filter Creator @nahir.esper

Following an AR creator on Instagram has its own benefits as you instantly gain access to all of that creator’s filters! 

Visit the creator’s Instagram profile @nahir.esper follow her to try and check out her filters.


  • Grime I  (animated abstract face filter )
  • Paradise  (Preset Filter, multiple selection)
  • Bling  (Sparkle effect, sparkle filter)
  • Neon II (text face filter, tap on screen to change text)
  • Palette I  (frame filter, background change filter)
  • CamRecorder  (cam recorder preset Filter)
  • Aesthetic Frames  (frame filter)
  • Chlorophyll ( Chlorophyll photography effect filter)
  • Film frames II  (frame filter, multiple selection)
  • Orange & teal  (Preset Filter, multiple selection)
  • Grainy III  (Preset Filter, multiple selection)
  • Moodboard I (frame filter, multiple selection)
  • Rose Gold  (Preset Filter, multiple selection)
  • Pisces  (fish face filter)
  • Orange & teal II  (Preset Filter, multiple selection)
  • Film camera (Preset Filter, multiple selection)
  • One color  (Preset Filter, multiple selection)
  • Mobile Photo III 
  • Film frames 
  • Mobile Photo II
  • Mobile Photo I 
  • StereoscoPic 
  • Super 8  (Preset Filter)
  • Inesperado (abstract art filter)
  • Microdancing 
  • Color Palette 
  • Frames&Lines  (Frame Filter, Live line Filter)
  • Outline (live line filter)
  • Summer Vibes 
  • Pola  (frame filter)
  • Flora II  (flower face filter)
  • Fruit Makeup (fruit filter)
  • Gem 
  • Spheres  (Brings
  • Glass roses 
  • Eleven (broken glass effect)
  • Holy tears  (tears filter)
  • VCR  (VCR Preset Filter)
  • Glitch 
  • Film is not dead
  • Flowerful 
  • Upside down 
  • A-lien 
  • blue&pink
  • Pop art 
  • Butterfly head  (text filter, neon filter)
  • Neon I 
  • Infra-red (Preset Filter, multiple selection)
  • Silver  (metalic face filter)
  • Butterfly  (butterfly face filter)
  • Voyeur  (Preset Filter)
  • Film scanner (Preset Filter)
  • Duo light  (metalic face filter)
  • 90s baby  (Preset Filter)
  • N-0k-i4  (3D mobile filter)
  • V4p0r
  • Contact sheet I 
  • Collage  (background change filter)
  • Pastel colors  (background change filter)
  • Glossy face (shine face filter)
  • Chalk glasses  (glasses filter)
  • Heart glasses  (glasses filter)
  • Flora  (flower filter)
  • 7eyes (brings multiple eyes in your face)
  • NO  (text filter)
  • V-hs 
  • No signal

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