Get Your Hands On Popular Instagram Filters by Following AR Creator: olgakhatkovskaya

Instagram Filter Creator @olgakhatkovskaya

Following an AR creator on Instagram has its own benefits as you instantly gain access to all of that creator’s filters! 

If you are in search of a Halloween themed filter, Flowery filter, Presets filters or you just want to surprise yourself. Then you are in the right place.

Visit the creator’s Instagram profile @olgakhatkovskaya follow her to try and check out her varieties of filters.


  • NewYear horns ( reindeer horn face filter)
  • Jelly_bear (jelly bear filter)
  • mimicloud (cloud face filter)
  • Halloween_skull (Halloween themed filter, skull filter)
  • ⋆DIAMOND⋆SKULL⋆ (Skull filter)
  • Сolorfilter_4_autumn (Preset Filter)
  • ⋆CUTE BEAR⋆ (bear filter, glass filter, animal filter, cute filter)
  • ●REC
  • 🆂🅷🅸🅽🆈 (animal filter)
  • Green_leaf (bring’s a plant on your head, cause filter)
  • Flower_background
  • Selfie_beauty (Beauty Filter)
  • Dance (3D filter)
  • Crown (Crown filter)
  • ⋆ stars freckles ⋆
  • ♕ Crown ♕ (Crown filter)
  • dragonfly glasses
  • Bant
  • Crystal crown (crown filter)
  • Glasses_cat (glass filter, animal filter)
  • DEEEMON (demon filter)
  • -Big_lips- (big lips filter)
  • Like! (bring’s “like” image on your head)
  • Feather eyelashes (Eyelashes filter)
  • MW (beauty Filter)
  • Star&Light glasses
  • Beauty star&heart (Beauty filter)
  • ❁ Flowers ❁ (Band-Aid filter & flower filter)
  • Pink_glasses (Glasses filter)
  • Lenses glasses (Glasses Filter)
  • Unicorn (Animal filter)
  • Fox (Animal filter)
  • Space planets (space filter)
  • Space window (space filter)

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