Hello, I am Rajan Patel!

I ask question to me for everything, I investigate the line between why and how. My personal experience and research-driven blogs and vlogs explore work, life, travel, food, technology, and whatever interest me. Jypsyvloggin is a space where I post my ideas and adventure to challenge the usual ideas and advice you typically hear.

Why the name JYPSY

The name Jypsy has given me an eagerness for knowledge and an intense desire to do something worthwhile in life.

Being Jypsy is clever, imaginative, and analytical, I do very well in the activities that hold my attention.

Jypsy because I long for freedom from restrictions and for outlets for my restless qualities, and cannot tolerate drudgery and monotony.

Jypsy because it is not easy for me to take advice, subsequently; I tend to work alone or independently.

Being a Jypsy soul loving the outdoors, I enjoy outside activities and the beauty of nature in its many facets.