Whome Shoud I Approch For Quality At Workplace.

As a QC Engineer, I have to be proactive all the time, I remember one of my senior told me to once be lazy sometime no problem but stay 100% active at-least two days in a week you will do good. Its kind of works in construction. Anyways.

During site visits, I observed lots of activity which can lead to the customer complain and rework, and I have to notify all of them to construction depending open the issue this could be the construction worker working at the site to the project whoever I think at first can take action for my comments.

For the below two issues for the first one I will inform to site engineer as he is the responsible person to prepare the inspection request for the second one I informed to the charge-hand at site to immediately  talk with the site engineer regarding the quality issue and the same issue I will take to weekly meeting so it will be conveyed to all site team.

1. No inspection request has been raised for the casting of the lintel.
2. Striking of form work has been started near swimming pool area which was casted yesterday night circa 11.30 pm.
No inspection has been raised for the casting of the lintel.
Early stricking of form work
Early striking of form work

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