What is Instagram mute & how to mute or unmute a contact?

On your Instagram timeline, you can see the posts of the person you are following, but there are times when you don’t really want to see posts that you aren’t interested in, or those are just advertising.

Previously, you could block someone or unfollow them to stop showing posts on the timeline. However, unfollowing may not keep your relationship well, they might do the same with you. In such a case, you should use the mute function.

Is the mute function so useful? Some people may think that this is an easy and fairly useful feature. This page explains in detail about the mute function of Instagram.
Please refer to the list of questions you may be interested in, such as how to mute and cancel the mute function, and notifications when setting.

What is Instagram mute?

Mute function on Instagram hides the stories and posts of people you follow so you don’t see them in your timeline.

In short, in the sense of mute, you just mark the posts & stories of people you follow as “silence”.

Note using the mute function will not send any notification on Instagram, and muting does not display the muted person’s posts on the timeline, but you can always view the person’s posts at any time by visiting the person’s profile.

How to check if muted?

You may want to check if someone muted you, Unfortunately, there’s no way to do that. If you have seen an app claiming for it its a scam app to extract your personal information It is not recommended to use.

Difference from block

A function similar to mute is called “ block ”, but mute follows the other party and hides the other party’s posts, whereas block completely blocks the relationship with the other party. The difference is that when you block someone you don’t show your profile, follow, followers, posts, etc. completely, and you can’t communicate with DM.

How to mute on Instagram?

There are three options you can choose from to use the mute function.

  1. Mute only story
  2. Mute post only
  3. Mute both story and post

Mute story

When you open Instagram, stories of people you follow are displayed at the top of the screen, If you want to mute a user’s story, press and hold the user icon. Then, the menu is displayed as follows, so select mute.

Since the menu is displayed continuously, you can mute by selecting Mute Stories. If you want to mute both the story and the post, select “Mute post and story”.

When you mute a story, the story is moved to the extreme right end of the story list and it will stay there. If there is a new story post from the person then it will show at the extreme right end of the story list.

Mute post

When you see a post in the timeline, to mute the post, tap on the vertical dots at the top right corner of the post to bring the menu screen, choose mute there.

A menu will appear, so select Mute post. This will mute future posts. Of course, if you mute “Posts and Stories”, both will be muted.

As I mentioned earlier, posts will be hidden from the timeline, and you can always see them by visiting the muted person’s profile page.

How to unmute on Instagram?

There are several ways to cancel mute.

Unmute story

Even if the story is muted, the profile icon appears on the extreme right edge of the story list when there is a new post. So, if there is a mute user icon at the extreme right end, you can cancel it immediately by long press and selecting Unmute on the menu displayed. However, only stories can be unmuted here.

Unmute stories and posts

Although the above method can unmute the story, it cannot unmute the post. To unmute stories and posts, you need to go to your profile page.

First, go to your profile page and select the side menu in the upper right corner.

When the side menu opens, select the setting at the bottom.

Next, select privacy settings.

Then select a muted account.

Select the account that you want to unmute.

If you remembered whom you muted you can directly go there profile skipping the above steps. Once the user’s profile page is open, tap on the following.

Select mute when the menu opens.

Mute can be canceled by switching off the item you want to cancel.

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