Reinforcement Inspection at Swimming Pool (The QC View)

 As a QC Engineer this is what i do almost every day “Reinforcement Inspection” 75% of my inspection either small structure or big I find some comments i wonder how the site team don’t see them.

So comments notified to site team its hardly a two hour job for them to do the rectification, I will get a coffee for myself by than.

1. Stirrup sway in beam.
2. Proper lapping at columns
3. Cover to reinforcement
4. Cleaning of re-bars
5. Proper placing of reinforcement
Sway in beam stirrup
Sway in beam stirrup
Improper lapping at column
Cover to reinforcement to be provided.
Slurry to be cleaned from re-bars
Placement of re-bar not completed tying of re-bar to be done.

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