Preparing for Pile casting

Tonight we are casting a pile, tremie pipe lifting in progress for the casting. Once the tremie pipe will be lowered in the pile a hopper will be fixed above tremie pipe and concrete will be poured from the hopper. We will be calculating concrete quantity poured development in height inside the pile and will be removing pieces of tremie as the concrete height increase, we will make sure with the calculation that tremie pipe is immersed in fresh concrete.

The most important thing is an intermittent supply of concrete if a delay in supply of fresh concrete old concrete inside the pile will set which can result in tremie pipe to stuck inside concrete and we don’t  want that to happen because if its stuck in concrete and we will try to remove it pipe will come out of the concrete and tremie will fill will bentonite slurry washing out the cement content and there will be a weak pocket at the elevation.

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