Mat fixing for Shotcrete

Wire Mesh Fixing for Shotcrete at Launching chamber of New Delhi Metro…


To ensure rock slope/ opening stability. It acts as reinforcement for the shotcrete.


Steel wire shall be of strength grade Fe 500 according to IS 1786. The dimension
of the steel wire shall be  The steel wire mesh shall be
delivered to the site in flat mats or pre-bent to the specified shape.


The steel wire mesh shall be installed such that it follows as closely as
possible the irregularities of the excavation surface or previous layers of shotcrete.
Steel wire mesh shall be fixed by nailing to the rock surface. it shall be firmly fixed to prevent vibration and change of position during spraying of shotcrete. The steel wire mesh shall be installed in the longest practical length.The overlap of the steel wire meshes applied in the shotcrete lining shall be at least twice the pitch distance in circumferential and one longitude direction.
The wire mesh will be installed so that minimum laps are to be provided for one circumferential layer.

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