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Instagram Filter Creator @kristinammalaya

Following an AR creator on Instagram has its own benefits as you instantly gain access to all of that creator’s filters!

Visit the creator’s Instagram profile @kristinammalaya follow her to try and check out her filters.

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🌙mother and son

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  • girl (Pink female sign & freckles filter)
  • fish (Golden fish filter, freckles filter)
  • dogs (animal filter)
  • worm
  • touch
  • spiders (Spider filter, Big lips filter)
  • on the 7th sky (big lips filter, cloud filter)
  • Бабочки (butterfly & freckles face filter, big lips filter)
  • the flowers (flower filter, big lips filter)
  • hearts (heart filter, big lips filter)
  • alien (alien sign over face)
  • NeОn (neon touch)
  • clouds (clouds filter)
  • Milk Baby (milk baby makeup filter, big lips filter)

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