Get Your Hands On Popular Instagram Filters by Following AR Creator: carlosajnr

Instagram Filter Creator @carlosajnr

Following an AR creator on Instagram has its own benefits as you instantly gain access to all of that creator’s filters!

Visit the creator’s Instagram profile @carlosajnr follow her to try and check out her filters.


  • Gold Gold
  • Bright Face
  • Lights Number X.X.X.
  • Venus (Scorpio, Animal themed filter)
  • Dente-de-leão (Blow Ball filter)
  • Enchantress (Demon Filter)
  • Catlike (Cat, Animal themed filter)
  • My colors
  • Snakeskin (Snake filter)
  • Let’s Play! (Joker filter)
  • Crystallizing
  • Green Power
  • Skull Boom
  • Ancestral Aura
  • Angel Eyes
  • Drops-Light-Face (Bring’s a celestial look to your selfie)
  • Fluid Butterfly (Butterfly face filter)
  • My Evolution (Bring’s a celestial look to your selfie)
  • Strass Face (Bring’s a celestial look to your selfie)
  • Mother Monster
  • Do U Want a Balloon? (Joker Filter)
  • Reloaded (Bring’s a celestial look to your selfie)
  • Light Lace B&W
  • Fem Skull (Flower filter, Face art)
  • Colorful Star Dance
  • I cried (tear Filter)
  • Eu tive Irene (Flower filter)
  • The Angelic
  • Era Sol q me faltava
  • My Aura
  • Tô rico. Tô pobre (Money Filter)
  • Pride Hero Mask
  • Pride Mask
  • Eu, E.T. (Alien filter)
  • Rain ButterHeart (butterfly filter)
  • HelpBigJ
  • TriLight (Shiney face filter)

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