Instagram Filter Creator @callmekanaa

Following an AR creator on Instagram has its own benefits as you instantly gain access to all of that creator’s filters! 

If you are looking for a popular fashion brand Instagram filters like Hello Kitty, Chanel, Playboy or Butterfly filter. Then you are in the right place.

Visit the creator’s Instagram profile @callmekanaa follow her to try and check out her filters.


  • YOUR LIPS (text filter “your lips my lips aapocalypse)
  • hello KANA (Hello Kitty Fashion brand themed filter)
  • KITTY KANAA (Hello Kitty Fashion brand themed filter)
  • KITTY KANAA (Hello Kitty Fashion brand themed filter)
  • Kana lenses (Eye color change filter)
  • KANA what if (text filter “what if”)
  • dontcallme_angel (Text filter don’t call me angel)
  • cute devil (Demon filter)
  • white (heart filter)
  • blue butterfly (butterfly filter)
  • neon butterfly (butterfly face filter)
  • KANA pinkdollar (Pink dollar filter, money filter)
  • KANA wings (Bring’s angle like wings to your selfie)
  • KANA dragon (Brings dragon and tears to your selfie)
  • KANA kitty (Hello Kitty Fashion Brand Filter)
  • KANA babe (Babe filter Instagram)
  • 20pinkmoney (pink dollar filter, money filter)
  • pink kitty (Hello Kitty Fashion brand filter)
  • KANA helloki ( Hello Kitty Fashion brand filter )
  • KANA playkana (playboy fashion brand filter)
  • cute butterfly (butterfly and freckles face filter)
  • blink eyes
  • cupid
  • dollar pink (Pink dollar filter, money filter)
  • money wings (Pink dollar filter, money filter)
  • BM (bring the text Bite me to your selfie)
  • KANA CHA NCE ( Chanel fashion brand filter )
  • SNAKE (snake face filter)
  • angel pink (angel text face filter)
  • KANA chance ( Chanel fashion brand filter )
  • LV pink ( Louis Vuitton fashion brand filter )
  • rabbit lv ( Louis Vuitton fashion brand filter )
  • playlights ( Playboy fashion brand filter )
  • KANA playplay ( Playboy fashion brand filter )
  • KANA baby (BABY text face filter)
  • butterflies (butterfly face filter)
  • rainbow lv (Louis Vuitton fashion brand filter)
  • Mirrors
  • Cash Pink (Dollar face filter, money face filter)
  • Sparkle Face
  • playpink ( Playboy fashion brand filter )
  • heart light
  • ily (Japanese text face filter)

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