In Search for Budget Furniture in Delhi.

I was thinking India is cheap in short-term use furniture but when I search over net and saw in mall there is no option for short-term use furnitures, like Muscat, Dubai and other country in India, their is no option for economy furniture like IKEA or even carrefour india in not much serious in to furniture like other country, so I went to Asia’s biggest furniture market KIRTI NAGER to find my budget furniture.

 5 seater sofa – 13,500 INR
 Diwan cum Bed- 13,500 INR

From Furniture Shopping

Wel,l relief if I compare the price with the price I saw in the mall, so I called one of my friend to come over their to help me take all this furniture home, My friend ask me some details about kind of furniture I want then he calls me to mahipalpur its near IGI airport.

From Furniture Shopping

Well good enough I find a double bed for me on 4500 INR and the shop owner deliver the bed to my home with INR 300 extra 

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