Ghost out of the body filter on TikTok

The Chinese video app TikTok particularly popular among Gen-Z and millennials with its rapidly growing number of users worldwide competes with the US competitors Instagram and Snapchat. Well while the three social media giants are competing as a result the internet trends are now in different level, now when we say “filter” we don’t mean Valencia or X-Pro-II, the colourful presets to transform an image. The filter trends which started from a dog face filter in snapchat has seen a long way now from Which Disney in Instagram to 2078 Age challenge in TikTok and now its time for Ghost out of the body filter on TikTok.

To use the Ghost out of the body on TikTok, Tap on the effect icon below and open with TikTok. You will be redirected to the effect page there you can see the popular videos with this effect.

Tap on the record button at the bottom of the page to use the effect.


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