How to Get Music Sticker on Instagram Story

Video in Hindi (English Sub)
Video in English (English Sub)

Its been a while since Instagram Introduced the music stickers to stories, the music stickers are part of Instagram App since version 51 updates, but for now, the feather is available only for this seven countries: Australia, New Zealand, France, Germany, Sweden, UK, and the US.

If you have friends in these countries, you might be seeing this notification in there stories “Instagram music isn’t available in your region”.

This is because Instagram needs a license to play music due to copyright infringement or piracy issues. In the regions where the feature is still not available, there are a number of legal procedures that have to be taken care of by Instagram as there is no global law for copyright and piracy. It may take some time for the feature to be available on a global scale.

So the question now is, can you use this feature if it’s not available in your region. The answer is off course you can use it as this fetcher is part of the App after the version 51 update. You just need to download a VPN app in your mobile device and you can choose a server from those countries. Problem Solved.

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