How to center your Instagram Bio

Centered bios have become more popular on Instagram, and with good reason. They catch your eye and put your message at the center so that your followers and potential followers can see them. Many users feel this more appealing and make a better impression. Although Instagram limits particularly when it comes to customizing profiles, it’s possible to take back a bit of your imaginative flair and center or stagger your biography. So let’s check how to do it?

Steps how to center a bio

Centering your bio is simple yet a bit harder than you think. Simply put what, you want in the bio, in the editing window to look like the finished product. However, if you add spaces before each line to center or stagger the bio, you might see a disaster. Luckily I have exactly what you need for the trick.

  1. Go to your Instagram page. (Its easier with desktop)
  2. Click Edit Profile.
  3. Go to the field “Bio” in your profile.
  4. Copy the spaces (and ONLY the spaces) between these arrows: >> ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ <<
  5. Insert these spaces before each line of text.
  6. If the biography is not perfectly centered or you want to sway it, you can now use the space bar to adjust the shape of the bio.

To center or not center?

That’s really between you and your profile. Still, if you choose to center your bio, make sure the format complements the content. This doesn’t work so well when your aim is to highlight contact information.

Final words.

Sometimes your profile will serve better if you do not have a centered bio. Centered bios come with their dark sides, including:

  • Lack of space for characters. Bios have a limit of 150 characters and it counts the spaces as well.
  • Poor desktop view Centered bios do not show up so well on the desktop. Of course, most people will check Instagram on their phones.
  • Centered bios dissect the text.  if you interrupt the flow of your bio and force it on separate lines, it may look awkward and difficult to read.

If you are not sure whether a centered bio is suitable for you, take it with you for a test drive. You can always ask your friends, relatives, and followers about there opinion.

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