How to add music to Instagram Post.

Hello, guys what’s up, if you are a visual learner check out this video to find out how to add music to Instagram feed post.

So as we know, we cant save Instagram stories with music to the gallery otherwise it would be very simple to share them as a post in the feed.

Okie so check out the steps below how we can do that, and we are not going to use any 3rd party app.

We will do all the editing inside Instagram.


  • Go to Instagram story camera
  • Take a picture, make a video, or you can browse a Picture or Video from your device gallery. (For now, let’s browse a picture from the gallery)

As you know Instagram story post and feed both supports a different resolution, The story supports 9:16 aspect ratio, whereas post supports square 1:1, portrait 4:5, and landscape 16:9 aspect ratio. So we have to edit keeping these differences in mind we are going to skip 16:9 horizontal post because for that we need a 3rd party app.

  • For square 1:1 post drag and adjust your media to cover approx half of your screen.
  • For portrait 4:5 post drag and adjust your media to cover approx one-third of your screen.
Square 1:1
Portrait 4:5

  • Tap on the square sticker button at the top,
  • Tap on “music”
  • Choose the music you want
  • Edit music “choose the display you want” once you are done hit done.
  • Drag and position the music sticker where ever you want.
  • Once you are done editing, hit send to your story (You can keep the story to your close friends only or You can post it to your secondary account after all you are just editing)
  • Once your story is posted you can tap on “more” button at the bottom right corner of the screen.
  • Then tap on “share as post”
  • Tap on crop button in case your post size is 4:5
  • Tap on Next
  • Tap on Trim
  • Adjust the media to fit into the screen.
  • Hit next when you are done editing.
  • And you are ready to share the post to your feed.

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