Grout Plant

Grout Plant for TBM 1 and 2 at Launching Chamber of New Delhi Metro ready to blend.

As the Herrenknecht TBM uses annular grouting system with two-component grout through-the-tailskin. This grout plant errection was at top priority.

So this grout batching system incorporates two storage silos, a colloidal mixer, agitation tank, water delivery system, two high pressure Mocol hydraulic pumps and a sodium silicate delivery system.

The colloidal mixer serves as a mixer, scale and pump, weighing water and cement directly. Bentonite, as a ‘micro-ingredient’ is per-weighed in a smaller weigh hopper at top of the container. Liquid admix is dosed into the mixer.

Grout is stored in the agitation tank and pumped to holding tanks on the TBM backup when needed.

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