Glennis posted on her Instagram story the name and photos of a 13-year-old boy who verbally abuse her via a private message.

‘ I feel sorry for you ‘, the singer writes in her Instagram stories post. ’13 years old and already so screwed up. He was shocked when I said I was going to exhibit him, but I can’t let this go over me anymore. Young racist. ‘

The singer emphasizes that she makes no distinction in age when it comes to racism. ‘It was certainly not the first time that I exhibited someone who sends me the most terrible racist texts. And for anyone who attacks me because this time it is a 13-year-old. Newsflash: I don’t give a fuck. 

Glennis gets a lot of support for her action on social media but there are also people who think it goes too far by the 13-year-old publicly condemn.

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