Instagram Filter Creator @valeryvistel

Following an AR creator on Instagram has its own benefits as you instantly gain access to all of that creator’s filters! 

If you are in search of a Halloween themed filter, Flowery filter, Presets filters or you just want to surprise yourself. Then you are in the right place.

Visit the creator’s Instagram profile @valeryvistel follow her to try and check out her varieties of filters.


  • sweetDays (Preset Filter)
  • blackMoon (Halloween themed Instagram filter)
  • cuteEars (Bring’s neon ears to your selfie, animal face filter)
  • kawaiiGlasses (glasses face filter, pink heart face Filter)
  • neonRing (brings a neon ring to your selfie)
  • autumnMagic (Preset Filter)
  • warmLight (Preset Filter)
  • vintageSoul (Preset Filter)
  • perfectView (Preset Filter)
  • vanillaDream (Preset Filter)
  • poetryFilm (Preset Filter)
  • analogDream (Preset Filter)
  • whiteMagic (Face art filter)
  • witchCrown (witch crown filter, crown filter)
  • currencyWorld (money face filter, currency sign over your head, spit coins)
  • whiteCry ( Halloween themed face filter )
  • blackButterfly (butterfly face filter)
  • neonhorns (neon horns face filter, demon face filter)
  • UnicornRose ( Unicorn face filter, animal face filter )
  • fernCover ( brings a fern to your selfie )
  • sunflowerLips ( sunflower face filter, big lips filter, freckles filter )
  • flyingKeys ( brings flying keys over your head)
  • treeHorns ( brings two trees as horns to your selfie )
  • eyeLines (eye lines fillter)
  • bestWorld (neon tears face filter, futuristic filter)
  • moonSky (Brings a moon to your selfie)
  • RussianCarpet (Brings a Russian carpet in the background and a cap over your head)
  • starFace (brings golden starts over your head)
  • lookEverywhere (brings eyes everywhere over your selfie )
  • wireFace
  • redRoses (rose face filter, crown face filter, flower face filter)
  • littlePrincess (crown face filter)
  • flowerFace (flower face filter)
  • flyingRose (rose face filter, flower face filter, flying roses face filter)
  • cyberNeon (futuristic face filter)
  • butterflyCrown (butterfly face filter, crown face filter)
  • faceTattoo (tattoo face filter)
  • aquaLife (Fish filter)
  • chamomileFlares (chamomile face freckles)
  • MirrorQueen (Brings mirror pieces over your head)
  • PearllnHair (Bring’s pearl clip in your hair)
  • Dealwithity (Deal with it glasses filter)
  • AngelShine (Angel ring filter)

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