Finding Non-Conformance in Plastering Inspection


As a QC Engineer during  Plastering inspection, I did observe following points that I will escalate to site team for their quick action and to achieve the required degree of quality.
1. Lighting arrangement is not proper resulting poor visibility.
2. Marked profile not to line & plumb in some places.
3. Key coat provided above false ceiling level where C-8 paint to come.
4. BRC key coat to be provided over concrete & on mesh at concrete to the block-wall joint. 
5. Cement and comix bags to be kept in dry place.
6. Concrete surface are left unattended for applying BRC key coat, for a proper curing on the key coat
    it’s better not to discontinue the key coat, both type of key coat (Cement: Sand on block work and BRC on
    concrete face)  to be completed same day for proper curing and to avoid delay in work.
7. Lighting arrangement is not proper, Plastering is a finished item without proper lighting its a simple no for 
    inspection to the site team. 
8. Profile not in Plumb,
9. Profile not in line.
10. Sand cement key coat applied over the concrete surface and key coat applied over the suspended ceiling.
11. Sand Cement key coat provided at concrete to block wall junction.
12. Cement to be kept in dry place.

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