Diaphragm wall cage lowering.

Its almost April, For two weeks I am in night shift and the temperature is better in the night. These days we are doing Diaphragm Wall for the launching chamber area, We don’t have much scope on D-wall in our project we will be casting around 60m only. Reinforcement cage lowering is in progress for one D-Wall after cage lowering tremie pipe will be fixed and concreting will start.

What is Diaphragm Wall/ D-Wall?

  • Diaphragm Wall is generally reinforced concrete wall constructed in the ground using soil stabilizing slurry.

  • The technique involves excavating a narrow trench that is kept full of soil stabilizing slurry.

  • Walls of thickness between 300 and 1200 mm can be formed in this way up to a depths of 45 meters.

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