7 Mind-Boggling Sci-Fi Movies of All Times

Science fiction is never easy to define. What we know is this genre revolves around a concept, idea, or technology that humans didn’t have access to. Then, the content creators relate it with some kind of story. Fortunately, there is a range of stories to tell with sci-fi because you are only limited by imagination.

The best part is sci-fi movies aren’t all based on science, they also include drama, romance, comedy, and thrill. All these elements combined, there’s always a damn good story to tell. If you have any of the Spectrum TV packages, you will find a science fiction movie on TV every other day. Do you think you have seen all the best there is? Wait till you see the list of the best sci-fi movies of the 21st century. Here is what’s out there:

1: Coherence

Did you know James Ward Byrkid, the director of this movie had one room and a budget of $50,000 to create this movie? And it turned out to be a masterpiece. The story centers around 8 friends gathered for a dinner party when a comet flies above their head. Everything blacks out and a portal opens. The guests are taken to different realities. Each character is left with existential questions, which the audience can’t help but ponder for themselves as well.

2: Fast Color

This movie is about Julia Hart, a black woman who is winsome and wise. It’s kind of a superhero movie but doesn’t mold into MCU and DCEU franchises. Eric Kohn said that this movie is about black women who are forced to suppress their strengths and have to muster the courage to take charge. Also, the movie is sci-fi-inflected, and it advocates seizing your power and using it for true good only.

Fast Color’s cast is impressive, starring Gugu Mbatha, David Strathairn, Saniyya Sidney, and Lorraine Toussaint.

3: Inception

Caution: The movie can twist your head. You might get lost somewhere in the middle. Many have.

Inception follows Leonardo DiCaprio as Cobb, the extractor who steals corporate espionage secrets by using dream-sharing technology. With this technology, he is able to penetrate the minds of his targets. He is assigned a project called Inception that involves planting an idea into an influential person’s mind. This tall order may or may not be possible.

4: S1m0ne 

This sci-fi movie is also a comedy. It stars Al Pacino as Viktor, who is a struggling filmmaker. The lead actress in his movie decides to quit. In the desperate attempt to find her replacement, he creates a 100 percent lifelike actor and tries to pass her off as a real thing.

He names the virtual actor Simone derived from a computer program “Simulation One.” His film featuring the virtual actor grosses huge success and everyone wants to meet this lady. To find out how Viktor introduces her to the world, you must watch S1m0ne.

5: Gamer

Gamer is a sci-fi thriller starring Gerard Butler who is a convicted felon on death row. He has a slim chance of earning his freedom via gladiatorial combat for the entertainment of humans. The only problem is, his body is controlled by a kid (video game enthusiast) who uses this guy to slaughter other criminals for fun and some profit.

Gamer is deeply cynical but interesting. The movie contains violence, and explicit content so watch it at your own risk.

6: Her

It is one of the greatest 21st-century love stories. The movie takes us to the story of Theodore Twombly (Joaquin Phoenix) who falls in love with his computer, which absolutely loves him back.

Theodore makes his living writing personal notes for others. Scarlett Johansson provides the voice of the AI. Her delves into the issues that arise in relationships where lovers have different needs. It also explores emotional growth, which stems from adapting to one another.

Her is highly specific to the modern digital age, yet it’s universal. This masterpiece is a must-watch.


Arrival is based on a short story by Ted Chiang with the same name. It’s one of the most heartbreaking alien movies of all.

Aliens park strange vessels in multiple locations on Earth. A linguist is recruited to decipher their language. What follows is a captivating tale that will expand your perspectives.


These science fiction movies will make you bite your nails till the very end. When you have got nothing to do on a weekend, these sci-fi must-watch movies will keep you intrigued just like Spectrum phone number is there to the rescue whenever you have internet or cable trouble.

 Better have a cozy throw and lots of snacks ready when you plan to watch these masterpieces.

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