2nd Layer strut fixing

Excavation work is in full swing we are almost ready for the second layer of strut fixing.

The strutting system in the form of horizontal as well as inclined or raker struts provides lateral support to the temporary earth retaining wall. It is commonly constructed by a welding method.
We are using ISMB 610 x 229 sections for horizontal struts and wallers and vertical Kingpost Piles are UC 305 x 305 x 198 sections that lots of welding work.

A few days back I was exposed to welding light, I didn’t know how it happens I might be seen to welding light bit longer my eyes were swelling I could not open my eyes when I woke up on the following morning, Thanks to my company guest house supervisor he came with some potato slices to put over my eyes. That is why welders wear that black glasses TOTALY got it.

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